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March 2024: Scientific Approach to Prevention and Recovery for the First Responder

This episode features Dr. Micheal Clark, renowned physical therapist and human movement specialist with over 30 years of clinical practice. He goes in-depth to outline many factors related to musculoskeletal injuries and evidence-based strategies to reduce the risks. In addition he provides a broad-based survey of many platforms, products, tools, and techniques that have emerged into conversations related to optimizing performance, movement quality, recovery, rest, and nutrition.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Introduction

7:42 – Learning Objectives

13:12 – Athlete Performance System

22:18 – Key Performance Indicators

45:10 – Injury Prevention Care Model

58:21 – Nutrition Strategies

1:00:20 – Sleep Strategies

1:04:00 – Rest & Performance

1:07:49 – Training Load

1:09:43 – Recovery Tools

1:25:45 – Closing


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