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March 2023- PSATS 2023 Virtual Conference Follow-up: Speaker Panel

In February 2023 we virtually hosted the 2nd annual Public Safety Athletic Trainers' Society Conference. The conference offered 6 BOC CEUs to those who attended, and is available for purchase in the store if you were not able to make it. In March 2023, we followed up with our seven CEU lecture speakers to get your questions answered that were submitted after the conference. 

Speakers included:
Annette Zapp, MA, CSCS*D, CISSN
Gregory Steiner, MPH, NRP
Megan Lautz, MS, RD, CSCS, TSAC-F
Troy Torrence, MS, CSCS*D, RSCC*E
Kyle Ebersole, PHD, LAT, PES
Cody Tesch, LAT, ATC
Melissa Stone, MSW, LSW

March 2023 CEU- Virtual Conference Follow-Up Panel

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