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The recording of  our 2024 Virtual PSATS Conference AND 6 Category A BOC CEUs are available for purchase!


0:00 Welcoming Remarks

6:44 Keynote: Todd Blyleven "Walking Tall"

CEU 1 at 31:02:  Zlatan Krizan, PhD "Sleep and Fatigure Management Principles for Public Safety Workers"

CEU 2 at 1:33:13: Mark Abel, PhD, CSCS*D, TSAC-F*D & Nick Heebner, PhD, ATC "Training and Recovery Strategies to Enhance Firefighter Resiliency"

CEU 3 at 2:31:04: Brian Newman, PhD, MS, AT.C, LAT, CSCS, CNS, SNC "Role of Sleep, Fatigue and Recovery on Impairment of Fire Fighters and Fire Fighter Recruits"

Student Presentation at 3:28:19: Kate Frick, PhD-Candidate "Police Officer Tactical Wellness Program"

CEU 4 at 3:40:43: Joel Leudke, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS, CPSS & Andrew Jagim, PhD, CSCS, CISSN "Testing, Tracking and Training: A Sports Science Framework for Injury Prevention and Optimal Performance in Firefighters"

CEU 5 at 4:34:10: Joel Martin, PhD, CSCS "Building Firefighter Resilience through Fitness: An Evidence-based Approach"

CEU 6 at 5:37:17: Rob Orr, PhD "Load Carriage Requirements for Tactical Personnel"

6:28:32 Closing Remarks

2024 PSATS Digital Conference

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