What is an Athletic Trainer?

Athletic Trainers provide injury care, prevention, health and wellness for firefighters, EMS and law enforcement utilizing evidenced based sports medicine care.

Athletic Trainers Enhance First Responder Health and Wellness


Athletic Trainers are well educated (Bachelor of Science or Master of Science minimum degrees) healthcare professionals who deliver care by collaborating with or under the direction of a board certified physician and in line with specific state practice acts. 


Applying onsite clinical evaluations, primary care, rehabilitation, functional and physical performance testing, athletic trainers have been shown to:

     *    Reduce agency medical costs for rehabilitation and functional care;

     *    Reduce lost work-hours by returning employee back to work sooner and in  

           better overall physical condition;

     *     Improve employee morale with an accessible medical healthcare provider;

     *     Provide case management for all injured employees.

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What does an AT do?

There are five main practice domains:

1. Prevention

2. Clinical Evaluation and Diagnosis

3. Immediate and Emergency Care

4. Treatment and Rehabilitation

5. Organization and Professional Health and Well-being